About Hilltop House

Wish that you could find a really special
yet affordable place to live in the heart of Seattle?
You may very well have found it here at Hilltop House.

We are a nonprofit corporation which owns a 125-unit apartment building. It is an equal opportunity facility that provides housing to low-income individuals 62 years of age and older through the Department of Housing and Urban Development's 202 Program (HUD 202). Residency is open to all qualified, eligible persons without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, handicap status, religion, familial status, political persuasion, sex or sexual preference.

Our Building: Hilltop underwent a remodel in 2001/02 (completed Dec.'02). We installed a new roof, new secured entry doors, and completely gutted the kitchen and started over. The elevator was also fully renovated.

Undoubtedly the biggest coup of the renovation project was installing the thermopane window and EIFS (exterior insulation which not only is energy-saving but provides a built-in paint job and exterior upgrade). This window/EIFS project resulted from a grant by the City of Seattle and State of Washington where Hilltop was only required to pay 1/5 of the million dollar project.