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Artist's Design

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Breaking Ground

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The Drain

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Starts Taking Shape

Plotting The Plots

Building The Beds

Beds are raised allowing access for everyone

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Our newest addition to Hilltop House

Garden Overview

Our residents feel so fortunate to have a p-patch all their own right out the back door in their in-city retirement home. Some of our residents are long-time gardeners, bringing their skills to enhance their spot and some are novices that are "digging in the dirt" for the first time. For all gardeners, they are growing vegetables, herbs for our community kitchen or beautiful flowers for all to enjoy. All of us feel that this experience not only beautifies our space, but improves physical and mental well-being of the gardeners and the rest of the community as well.

Because the garden space was previously inaccessible to all who want to participate in this adventure, we hired a designer to address this issue. The result is a beautiful plan by a talented, thoughtful designer that provides a dozen raised beds and accessible pathways covered with a material that accommodates walkers and wheelchairs. Water is provided to each spot so no lifting of heavy watering cans or dragging hoses to ensure their plots have adequate moisture. There is a paved patio, fountain and resident memorial rose garden in the common space where all residents can enjoy the ambience of this beautiful space.


We were so grateful to have received a $40,000 grant from the Boeing Employees' Community Fund to assist us in completion of this project and those funds, along with donations from residents, families and former residents, and our own fundraiser, allowed us to complete the garden in 2018.