Featured Residents

Learn About Some of Our Wonderful Hilltop House Residents

Debbie Petersen

Debbie Petersen Resilient Artist

When you meet someone who lives with joy and zest in spite of physical challenges, you think this person must have been loved deeply as a child. This is not the case with Debbie Petersen. Her early years were filled with abuse, physical, emotional and mental and an alcoholic and narcissist mother. As a result, she was always trying to escape and when she was six, she arose early, went to a...   more >>>

Phil Mervin Active Volunteer

Phil Mervin's father was born in Britain and immigrated to Canada on his own at age 14. Due to various disagreements in the family, the only two sons in the family left England - one to Canada and one to Australia. The two brothers never saw each other again.

Phil's father joined the Canadian army and was sent to Europe during World War II. He met Phil's mom at an army dance in...   more >>>

Phil Mervin
Dr. Charles Reid

Dr. Charles Reid Piano Man

Our neighbor Charles Reid was born in Hartford, Wisconsin. He was an only child. His father did leather and upholstery work at Kissel, a car manufacturing plant. The company produced top of the line cars and employed some 5,000 to 6,000 workers. The "crash" occurred in October, 1929 and by Christmas of that year, the plant closed and Kissel was never produced again.

His father went...   more >>>

Yohosha Costello The "Card"

Yohosha Costello, known to us as Yoshi, refers to himself as a card, a fool on purpose, one who tries to joke with people and does not always succeed. He also claims to have the ability to get one's goat easily. So, watch out!

He was born in Spokane, the oldest child in his family. He has a brother four years younger and a sister 12 years younger. Their father was employed by the SSI,...   more >>>

Yohosha Costello
Bob Porter

Bob Porter World Traveler

In 1978, Bob Porter accepted a teaching assignment at the Tehran International School, teaching German and English to high school students and in the evening, he taught English to junior college students a little outside the main part of town. Six weeks into the school year, the revolution began. Everywhere you went, students were excited and all Iranians were tuned into their transistor...   more >>>